SalesInUSA offers a complete range of small business warehouse, third party logistics, shipping, fulfillment and storage services. Whether you’re an independent vendor looking for an Amazon FBA prep service provider or a multi-platform seller who needs a comprehensive 3PL partner to improve their order fulfillment process, we’re the right partner at the right price.

Complete Small-Business Warehousing and Inventory Management

Warehousing is a traditional pain point for small businesses. With the complexity of warehouse management and the costs associated with operating your own warehouse, companies often struggle to control costs without sacrificing customer service. SalesInUSA lets you focus on running your business without the cost or worry of running your own warehouse. We feature:

  • Low-cost inventory storage in our fulfillment warehouse.
  • 24/7/365 security monitoring to protect your inventory.
  • All-in-one service, from storage and inventory management all the way through shipping.
  • Pick, pack and ship within 1 business day, including free packaging supplies.
  • Digital product photography integrated across multiple platforms.

Third Party Logistics and Shipping

What businesses want from shipping is simple: affordability, quick delivery and effortless service. You shouldn’t have to worry about delays, hidden costs, complex customs procedures or mix-ups — that’s what you hire a third-party logistics and fulfillment provider to do.

SalesInUSA provides a complete shipping and 3PL logistics services designed to meet the needs of small businesses — no matter where you need to send inventory:

  • Full range of domestic and international shipping services
  • Rail, freight and LTL shipping
  • Ocean and air freight
  • O.D
  • Free packaging supplies
  • No minimum order requirements, hidden fees or long-term contracts

API Integration Across All Major eCommerce Platforms

For modern ecommerce fulfillment, strong API integration is a must. Between major online retail outlets like eBay and Amazon, third-party vendors and your own storefront, you could easily have half a dozen or more platforms, and they all need to be integrated into a unified interface that serves customers and your stakeholders.

SalesInUSA provides cross-platform integration, providing tracking for customers and complete visibility for you. Our services include:

  • A cloud-based platform, offering fully-automated order fulfillment across over 40 eCommerce platforms.
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting from any device.
  • Complete reporting of order history, inventory balances, shipping and tracking from a single, user-friendly interface.
  • Customized solutions for your online storefront or unsupported platforms — if you use it, we can integrate it.
  • Support for manually uploading orders through our admin interface.

Amazon FBA Prep Services

FBA preparation adds an extra layer of complexity to your business. Not only must you meet Amazon’s exacting rules — you also have to balance complex cost and supply chain considerations to ensure quick delivery without the added cost of stock sitting in FBA warehouses.

With our combination of full-service third-party fulfillment, sophisticated tracking and affordable storage, SalesInUSA is your ideal Amazon FBA prep partner:

  • Complete, single-partner storage, inventory management and FBA support
  • Label generation, packaging and shipping
  • Unparalleled product inspection and quality assurance
  • Support for all domestic and international Amazon fulfilment warehouses

Superior Customer-Oriented Support

What happens when a shipment gets delayed or damaged, your storefront suffers a technical problem, or you face a major supply chain issue? Will your 3PL logistics partner go the extra mile, or will they say, “it’s not our problem” and leave you on your own?

At SalesInUSA, our customer support goes beyond quick delivery, affordable pricing and worldwide services. We’re here to help when things go wrong too, with quick resolution, flexible service and a focus on results.

  • Quick responses — all queries are answered within 1 hours.
  • Outstanding array of services, including product photography, branding, advertising materials and kitting and assembly so you can bring new inventory to market ASAP.
  • Multi-lingual support for international companies, providing the expertise you need to bring products to market in the US and around the world.

Return Processing

Returns are the true tests of your reputation. If you make things easy for customers and business partners, they’ll reward you with endorsements and repeat business. If not, all you’ll get is nasty reviews and increased churn. We can make sure returns are simple and hassle-free — for you and your customers.

  • Free returns management.
  • All returns are processed within 48 hours to integrate products back into the supply chain.
  • Realtime return tracking providing visibility for you, and quick refunds for your clients.
  • Instantly change or update your return policy through our web-based portal.

Kitting and Assembly

Proper product kitting and assembly can make a huge impact on your bottom line. By kitting products that are regularly shipped as a set, SalesInUSA can reduce the time between order and delivery, and save you time and money on preparation and shipment. Our kitting services can assemble your products into ready to ship sets, supporting your consumers, cutting costs and cutting the time between order and delivery.

We can create ready-to-ship sets with virtually any product, including promotional materials, sample products, CDs and DVDs, new releases, display and demo materials and product sets. Want to kit products from multiple vendors? No problem! We can assemble everything in house and add it to your inventory. Not sure which products should be kitted? SalesInUSA will even create a split campaign for you to identify the most popular (and profitable!) kitting options.