There’s no one-size-fits-all pricing scheme for third party logistics and fulfillment. A small business pricing plan that’s economical for high-volume B2B shipping might not be right for a low-volume retail ecommerce fulfillment , and vice versa. SalesInUSA provides flexible pricing options to make sure that every client gets the right services at the right price. Clients are only charged for what they use, with no hidden costs or minimum fees.

Note: We have selected our storage locations according to size, quantity and turnover rate to reduce costs for our customers. Inbound and storage fees are always the same. Pick and pack prices may be different for certain services. Contact us for a quote.


Ecommerce Fulfillment



Description Price
Inbound Stocking $0
Inbound Shipping We can order shipping for discounted rates at your discretion
Storage Pallet: $15/month
½ Pallet: $7.50/month
X-Large bin (15″x 42″x 20″ or 7.2 ft³): $4.00/month
Large bin (16″x 12″x24″ or 2.6 ft³): $3.00/month
Medium bin (10″x 10″x18″ or 1ft³): $2.00/month
Small bin (12″ x 7″ x 4.5″ or 0.22ft³): $1.00/month
Pick & Pack $2.00 for first item in order (0-500/ month) *
$1.8 for first item in order (501-1000 per month) *
$1.60 for first item in order (1001-2499 per month) *
  * Price covers first item in order. Additional items are $0.30/item.
Outbound Shipping Discounted shipping rates from the shipping company of your choice, including: USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL


Subscription Box Fulfillment/Kitting and Assembly


Pick & Pack $2.00 for first item in order (0-500 per month) **
$1.80 for first item in order (501-1000 per month)**
$1.50  first item in order (1001-2499 per month) **
  (2500+ per month): Custom pricing — contact us for a quote.
  ** price covers box assembly and kitting of up to 5 items. Additional item kiting is $0.10/item.


Retail Fulfillment

  • All retail fulfillment is charged a $10 order fee, which includes the first SKU.
  • There is a $0.75 handling fee for each inner carton or master case included in the order.
  • Total retail fulfillment cost depends on the number of SKUs and handling units, and price varies depending on the size and weight of handling units. Contact us for more details.

Additional Fees

  • Special Product Fees: Generic tasks like counting inventory, repacking products, quality control and bagging are charged at a flat rate of $30/Person-hour
  • Container Unloading: if the cargo is not palletized, there is a charge of $300/20’ container, or $400/40’ container
  • Packaging Material: We have more than 40 different shipping boxes, bubble mailers, poly bags and pallets available, starting at a cost of $0.15/Package. If you require special packing, we can also order it for you.
  • Promotional Inserts: $ 0.20
  • Return Processing: $ 2+ .50 /additional item